Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We have answers! 

How Long Are Your Service Contracts?

We offer month-to-month contract options to our clients, but we also have longer term contract options, such as 3-month contract, that come with pricing discounts.

What is Your Retainer/Payment Policy?

Payments are required at the start of each service month. Services cannot start, or continue without payment being received in full

What is Your Refund Policy?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds.

What Are Your Prices?

Prices can range depending on service(s) needed. Please inquire for more details

How Do You Determine Pricing?

Pricing depends on a number of factors including goals, competitive market landscape, current market positioning, and level of service needed, among others.

What Services Are Included?

We offer a blend of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Internet Marketing services.

Depending on your priorities and needs, we can customize your marketing strategy, and ensure we are using services that will lead to the most potential success.

If you simply want one aspect of our marketing offerings, we can offer that as well.

Do You Have More Questions?

Schedule an initial consultation or get in touch with our Sales & Project Management team for answers to any additional questions you may have

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