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Disko Media is home to a number of media outlets and brands that have established reach in their specific industries and niches regionally, nationally and globally.

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Disko’s Media network is made up of established brands that have been active within their respective industries for quite some time. Each is focused on covering a specific industry, providing news, updates, insights and more. Our media network is vital to our growth, exposure, and for our business partners.

Disko Media is home to a number of media brands and continues to build brands and outlets



Sports Rants

sports news and coverage of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and more


covering the business in entertainment, gaming, music, and more


covering the industry of content creation, streamers and influencers

Fright Nerd

covering all things horror including horror movies, horror shows, horror games and more

Clutch Win

covering the esports industry from business to teams and more


covering the world of entertainment, movies, TV, and more

Floki Gaming

covering the industry of web3 video games, blockchain gaming and more


featuring movie trailers, teasers as well as trailers for TV shows

Travel Klix

covering the industry of travel and tourism with news and more

Twisted Barbie

covering the industry of fashion, shopping and more with news and updates


covering the news and headlines of VC investments and startups

Unleashed Beasts

covering the news and headlines within the fitness and bodybuilding industries

Radio Road Trip

covering the news and headlines in radio and podcasting

Inside Pro Wrestling

covering the news and rumors in the world of professional wrestling

Haunted Portal

covering the strange and unusual, from hauntings to UFOs and the paranormal

Outlandish News

covering the odd, unusual, and/or unbelievable news and headlines

Player Ready Up

covering video games with news, updates, trailers and more


covering the news and headlines within the industry of tech, gadgets and more


Icora (United Kingdom)

covering entertainment, gaming, and influencer news in the United Kingdom

Europa Tribune (Europe)

covering the entertainment news and headlines throughout Europe

Stats Style Score (Canada)

covering the news and headlines in entertainment, gaming, and sports in Canada

India Times Post (MENA)

covering news and headlines in entertainment, gaming, and more in the MENA region

After Dark Asia (Asia)

covering entertainment and influencer news in the Asia region

Japan Fever (Japan)

Covering anime, manga and Japanese entertainment news and more

Latam Films (LaTAM)

covering the entertainment and gaming news in the LaTAM region

Jambo Watch (Australia|New Zealand)

covering entertainment news in the countries of Australia and New Zealand

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