Advertising on Gamactica can help your brand and/or product with reaching a more targeted audience locally, nationally , and globally. Advertising and Marketing via Gamactica provides you the benefits of our built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing, and provides you targeted marketing to your direct interest market and niche.

Authority Score – Authority Score is a proprietary metric used to measure overall quality of domain and influence on SEO. The score is based on the number of backlinks, referring domains, organic search traffic, and other data. 100 is a maximum reachable Authority Score. Authority Score’s are generated and calculated internally by Search Engines, such as Google/Yahoo/Bing, and also via SEO analytic and research software.

Gamactica Authority Scores:  46

Global Search Reach (Google)

Organic Keywords: The number of keywords bringing users to an analyzed domain via Google’s top 100 organic search results (per SEMRush). Here are some of the countries Gamactica ranks in, organically, within that specific locations Google search engine. Organic Keywords are gaming, content creation, streaming, and esports related.

Organic keywords are a type of keyword that attracts free traffic with search engine optimization (SEO). An organic keyword allows visitors to find your website without clicking on an ad.

Statistical Information as of January 2022 (data provided via SEMRush)

NOTE: Organic Keywords differ from Targeted Keywords (more information below)

United States 331

United Kingdom – 46

Australia – 46

Canada – 36

Germany – 21

Spain (ES) – 18

France – 17

Russia – 12

Sweden – 12

Brazil – 11

Netherlands – 10

Philippines – 9

Poland – 8

Norway – 7

Denmark – 6

Mexico – 6

New Zealand – 6

Italy – 5

Thailand – 5

Chile – 4

South Africa – 3

Hong Kong – 3

Malaysia – 3

Finland – 3

Romania – 3

Singapore – 2

Vietnam – 2

Czech Republic – 2

Japan – 1

Hungary – 1

Austria – 1

Portugal – 1

United Arab Emirates – 1

Taiwan – 1

Targeted Keywords: A target Keyword is one word or multi-word phrase that best summarizes your page and/or keyword phrases that your target audience and visitors use in search engines when they are searching for a solution, service, product or information related to your business.

Gamactica has over 60 of Targeted Keywords currently ranked in Google, directly related to esports, streaming, gaming, cosplay, and more targeted phrases off of that.

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