Boosting Your Visibility & Branding

Our search engines are fueled with Search Engine Optimization to provide you an affordable way to boost visibility, improve reputation, and gain a competitive edge

Search Fuels & Generates Leads

search engines can be the competitive edge you need in your industry and market. If you’re already using SEO services, or not using any internet marketing services, this can be an incredible compliment to your success strategy

Search Engines Optimizing Business Success & User Experience

Search Engines are how people find companies and businesses. They continue to be a powerful element that is critical to online success and with everything online, it is more important now than ever before.

Disko Marketing has built a number of industry-specific search engines to help people find the businesses and services they need more efficiently.

These search engines are also incredibly valuable to businesses as they are fueled with award-winning SEO, impact Online Reputation, and put you directly in front of their targeted audiences

Our Search Engines


find doctors, specialists, surgeons, medical professionals, health insurance brokers & agents

420 Discovery

find marijuana dispensaries, smoke shops, marijuana doctors are more

Realty Clout

find real estate agents, real estate brokers, real estate and home improvement professionals


find lawyers, law firms, and legal service providers in a variety of areas and practices

Plastic Surgeon Practices

find plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and cosmetic specialists

Casino Vast

find casinos, online casinos, casino resorts and hotels and more

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