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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Also known as SEO, it is the process of maximizing the number of targeted visitors to a particular website, or web property, by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine based on a specific search term.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Internet Marketing has always been critical to the online business marketplace, and more and more businesses are doing more business online than ever before. Being competitive for visibility and potential business opportunities is extremely important for sustained, and future success.

You may not be doing SEO, but it’s very likely your competitors are.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Factor into My Industry?

Elite Rank Media is leading the charge on infusing Internet Marketing services, such as Search Engine Optimization, into the world of Gaming, Esports, Content Creation, Social Media Influencers, and more.

The moment you hit the “Go Live” button, upload a video, or make a post on a branded social profile – you are now officially operating in the digital marketplace, alongside other businesses. Operating in the Digital Marketplace requires Internet Marketing to help build, evolve, and drive revenue for your business.


Following a consultation and full analysis of your brand, website, and market, we will produce a quote with 3 options, at different tiers.

The bigger the focus, and the more aggressive the focus is, the higher the costs.

However, if you are upfront about your budget limitations, we will do our best to offer packages to fit your budget.

How Do Payments Work?

Services cycle on a monthly basis.

Once a payment is received in full, we start the month of service.

Are the any Contracts?

Elite Rank Media believes in earning your business each and every month. While SEO takes time, we also understand that, sometimes, a business needs to pause services.

We offer month-to-month plans, but also can offer discounts for semi-annual, and annual packages.

We do not offer refunds. Payments are processed through secure third-party merchant services such as PayPal.

I May Not Have the Budget For Services, But Still Need Internet Marketing & SEO

Don’t worry. We understand that Internet Marketing and SEO can be outside of some budgets, which is why we are crafting an affordable, monthly membership tier for members of Gamactica who want additional benefits of SEO but may not be ready to commit a larger portion of their budget for continuous services.

We will be announcing this, when it’s ready, so ensure that you are keeping track of our news updates on Portals

NOTE: Gamactica memberships are only for those in the Gaming, Esports, and Content Creation industries.

What Can I Expect Each Month?

At the end of each service month we will provide you with a report to show you ranking progress for your specific keywords, and other success statistics where applicable.

Reports will be easy to follow, to the point, and completely transparent. No fluff. No over-explaining or detail excess. To the point analytics that are easy to understand and track.

What Are Rankings Reports?

Rankings Reports are the heart of our monthly reporting, and demonstrate part of the impact our services can have.

These reports track specific keywords, your Targeted Keywords, across a number of search engines around thousands of data centers (location-specific search information), take the average of those results and populate a number. This is your average Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

Positions fluctuate daily, and differ from the location to location, but our goal is to land you in a “pool” of favorable positions safely, and with a longer-term hold.

Can I Change Keywords?

Each month you can change keyword focus.

Our initial proposals will outline quotes based on the number of keywords you are focusing on + the competitive aspects of those keywords. The more competitive a keyword is, the more SEO is needed for longer. This impacts costs.

The number of keywords is also a factor in this process.

This makes our consultation and proposal a great roadmap to pricing, and clients can move between pricing tiers each month. We also allow clients to pause services as well.



If your website runs on WordPress, than we would need admin access. This allows us to structure your content and website for Search Engine Optimization.

This also allows us to make suggestions on improvements to performance, design, user experience, and other factors that have a direct impact on your Internet Marketing and Rankings.

Custom Website

We would need to have direct email contact with your Web developer, designer, or webmaster. They would need to employ the suggestions we outline to ensure that we maximize the benefits of our services.


The Answer is YES

If you already have a FREE or Paid (Orbit) listing page on the Gamactica platform, it is automatically included in our Internet Marketing services at no extra costs.

These will be a compliment to our efforts, and given the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization benefits that our listing pages already deliver, it will only help our process.



Established in 2009, Elite Rank Media has been providing award-winning Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services, across numerous industries, around the world.

We provide Global, National, and even Local service solutions.


Anthony DiMoro has developed a solid reputation for his Internet Marketing methods, and work with a number of brands throughout his career.

His methods and strategies have not only been employed by the companies he has worked with, but also utilized to launch and fuel his own brands, such as Gamactica.


Check out the brands Anthony has worked with throughout his career –

Check out the local (Florida) brands Anthony has worked with –

Award Winning

You can see a number of our awards throughout our websites, including this website.

My Company is NOT in the Gaming/Content Industry. Can You Help?” 


Elite Rank Media has received numerous awards for their work in other industries, such as the Medical SEO sector, more specifically Plastic Surgery Marketing, and other niches, such as Florida SEO.

Locally, we have been recognized for big market focuses such as Miami SEO services and Orlando SEO services, but also for smaller-sized cities, such as Fort Lauderdale SEO, Boca Raton SEO, Pembroke Pines SEO, South Beach SEO, more business-centric areas such as Brickell SEO, and other areas.

We Can Help, and Have the Experience & Reputation to Prove it!

We aren’t just a tagline – we have a proven track record to support our reputation. Unlike a number of other firms, we actually practice what we preach, utilizing our own methods, strategies, and ideas to build our own businesses.

If you like what you have seen us build, it is largely due to Elite Rank Media, and you would be getting the same quality of service we use on our own properties.


We offer a range of services to suit your needs

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Website Design

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E-commerce Design

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Mobile Responsive Design

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CMS Service

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Search Engine Optimization

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Website Development

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