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bring your career to the next level by joining the Disko Marketing team of talent. We are innovating the marketing and management industries with a forward thinking approach.

Our talent team will also be a part of our upcoming Disko entertainment and social platform.

Creators Are the Present & Future of Entertainment

Creators & Influencers have been at the forefront of trends in a constantly changing industry

Disko Marketing is unlike any other company in the industry. We are built by experts across Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Media, Public Relations, and Influencer Marketing to give creators and influencer the most comprehensive resource to manage, build, and scale their careers.

“It's time to provide creators and influencers with a one of a kind management company that delivers impact in numerous markets from around the world.”

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We look for creators and influencers who entertain and engage audiences and are committed to quality, creativity, and professionalism

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