Wordpress SEO

It has been projected that over 455 million websites use the WordPress platform as of 2021, and that number is expected to grow considerably as the platform continues to evolve and more and more businesses move operations online.

The most impressive thing about that statistic is that there is over 1.3 billion websites across the website and WordPress makes up a solid segment of that number, which demonstrates the importance of WordPress SEO.

However, despite the promising statistics there still isn’t a truly impactful Search Engine Optimization option for users.

Sure, a number will rely on plugins, such as Yoast, that may assist in reviewing your page titles, descriptions, and keyword density, but their true SEO impact completely flatlines beyond that, despite charging hefty pricing and making lofty promises otherwise.

Regardless of plugin, the truth is that plugins are going to be extremely limited in what they can actually do your for SEO and Internet Marketing strategies. While they may have tools that can help you make some on-site changes to your structure, that’s where the impact likely stops. Search Engine Optimization goes beyond the basic tweaks and formatting changes that these plugins offer, and should be a tool, not your solution.

This is where Disko Media comes in. With over 15 years on experience in Search Engine Optimization and a proven expertise in WordPress SEO, we can help take your WordPress based website to the next level of success.

Are you ready to evolve your strategy and position your website for more potential success?

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